Developer’s Notes

The yard sale network is a fully dynamic, free membership website built on WordPress using Toolset plugins to drive functionality. The site features the following:

  • Fully Front end – The backend of the website is restricted. In fact, the developer has the only access.
  • Front end login and registration forms
  • Social Login
  • Lost and Reset Password pages and process driven by WordPress.
  • Custom role Seller, with the ability to post up to 6 Yard Sales at a time.
  • Improved security with a wp-admin and login move, along with functions in the child theme to block the backend dashboard and toolbar.

The site features two main views. A paginated, searchable list that prints in a 4 column grid, and a fully searchable Google map with pins including pop ups of the main gallery image, title, location, favorite button, and link to the single listing

The single listing page features a conditional gallery of images, that when clicked can open in a Lightbox and go to the next image. The page also shows a zoomed map with a location marker, along with all the other information. For logged in users, you can delete or edit the listing from this page with conditional links.

The site also features conditional logic and a strict thumbnail system that keeps the style intact no matter what the user uploads, unless it happens to be a very small image. Also, anything coming from a phone camera will not only automatically compress way down on the size, but it will also correct the problem of the image flipping to the size. That was plugin activated. The image handling is done with WP Smush.

The site features a front end profile page with links to manage your yard sale listings, edit your profile fields with a redirected form (front end), edit an optional profile image and bio, and change the name on the account. It currently does not have a separate reset password process. A user can simply use lost password.

The site is also multi-lingual, powered by Google Translate for a seamless experience.

Things needed.

  • More sophisticated filters, perhaps geo-located to print the closest yard sales to the users location when page loads.
  • More sorting options could be helpful